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Holidays by the sea

go site Caravans and chalets for hire along the English coast. Pet friendly and Pet free.


For a holiday full of memories, have a Holiday by the Sea


Quick availability checker

Summer special.  Get £30 off of any week long booking between the 20th July and 1st September by using Summer7 promotion code!

A £75 refundable damage bond will be added to your break at checkout.

Only £50 deposit required at booking*, remaining balance within 60 days of the break.

Caravan Hire

We have a fantastic range of caravans available for hire on a variety of parks including Haven Sites.

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Chalet Hire

We are now offering recently renovated Chalets for hire situated in the traditional seaside town of Mablethorpe.

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Letting service

We offer a full rental service for owners who have busy lives but still want to benefit from a rental income.

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*full payment due on booking if within 60 days of your holiday